Itäkeskus High School Meets Harry Potter

Students of our school made a movie Harry Potter Sweded. It has been showed to our whole school and it has also collected quite many viewers in Youtube.

Do you remember the posters around our school? Maybe you even recall the morning of November 23rd when the whole school got together to watch a movie? That was the premiere of Harry Potter Sweded, a movie made by students who took Drama In English (course 12). We hope you do, since the movie was absolutely epic. If you don’t, you can easily find it on YouTube where 438 people have watched it so far. Otherwise, you’ll definitely be missing out!

Maybe we should tell you a bit about ”sweding.” Literally, sweding is re-acting the key parts of a popular movie without editing after a single take per scene. You film it with what you’ve got and that’s it. The term ”sweded” comes from Michel Gondry’s film Be Kind Rewind, starring Jack Black and Mos Def. The characters accidentally erase the videotapes at a rental store and have to remake all the movies themselves. These versions are loved by customers who are told they take longer to arrive and cost more because they come from Sweden.

Anyway, what we remember the best about the course are the words ”fun” and ”epic.” Epic because that was the first comment we got when the film was published on YouTube. And you can’t even begin to understand how much we laughed during the course! Sure, we had our problems at first, but the more we got to know each other in time, the more fun we had.

Students of course 12: Drama In English.

Initially, we were supposed to make two movies, but when the other group couldn’t finish the script for Mean Girls, we decided to fuse together and make one longer movie… And we’re glad we did it! We could organize so that some people were making costumes out of garbage bags, props, image processing and writing our blog, while others acted and shot the film. Not to mention a couple to just tag along and tell people what they should do (the scriptwriters ended up being the ”bosses” this time). And believe it or not, we only had twelve students and our teacher Anna, who we owe a lot.

Harry Potter

We were all surprised to get to know such great people in our school. Imagine that! Our lead actor has been in our homeroom forever and we didn’t even realize what a great guy he was before this course. It was absolutely magnificent to see all the team work. Sometimes there was slacking here and there, but let’s be realistic. There are always some slackers and you just have to kick their butts once in a while. However, we do have to be grateful for all the participants’ hard work. You are amazing people!

One of our great achievements was brightening the morning for people on the subway when filming the Hogwarts Express scene. Everyone just looked at us and laughed and it didn’t matter if we had to shoot the scene again and again, we were laughing hard too. This has been one of the best courses we’ve participated in since we came to high school!

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TEXT BY: Tiina Pajakoski 08B


EDITED BY: Heli Välikangas


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